Fundamentally Incomplete

I am not a true statement. Not only is this sentence rather paradoxical in meaning (if it’s false, it’s true; it it’s true, it’s false), but it is also self-referential. This is rather an odd thing for a sentence to … Continue reading

Intelligence part 1 – A definition

It seems the general opinion (especially of sci-fi writers and doomsday predictors) is that eventually computer programs will become complex enough to be intelligent. In reality, there is nothing intelligent about most computer programs. Nothing. Making the programs more complicated … Continue reading

Why you shouldn’t play the lottery

Most people know that your chances of winning the lottery are astronomically small.  Yet this is only half the reason why you should invest elsewhere.    The other half is the amount of money you have to pay to receive those … Continue reading

On Beauty and Algorithms

Algorithmic beauty is the same as algorithmic usefulness.  Beauty is simplicity, beauty is elegance, and beauty is efficiency.  This blog is about solving problems of all kinds. Algorithms are much more than snippets of computer code.  A computer follows algorithms … Continue reading